About the Industry Meeting Event

As a university, we have organized an event to "Meet the Industry" between 21-25 June 2021 in order to raise graduates that the industry needs and will need in the future, in the light of the developments in the Aviation Sector. At this event, our invited speakers, who have important positions in the sector and have knowledge and experience, will first introduce their own institutions, what kind of infrastructure the human resources employed in their fields of activity should have, and in this context, they will provide us with feedback that will make an important contribution to updating our training programs. Then, in the question and answer part, the questions that you, our faculty members, will ask in line with the purpose of our event will be answered by our speakers.



- The duration of each session will be a maximum of 60 minutes

-MS Teams will be used to join the session.

The team code for your event is "u8pgb7m".