From the Head of the Department

Thanks to the developments in international transportation, the aviation sector is rapidly growing and becoming more modern in the globalizing world. After the liberalization in 2003, the reflections of this modernization and growth are observed in our country which has a prominent place in political, economic, cultural and social fields. In parallel with the growth of the sector, the need for qualified staff and job opportunities has swiftly been increasing. By using a vast amount of resources, new airports are being built, public-private airline companies are increasing their activities, and many industries closely connected to aviation and providing international trade, tourism and accommodation services are increasing their capacity. The Turkish Aeronautical Association, with its 88-year-experience, is the most deep-rooted institution in the field of aviation in our country. We want to convey this fund of knowledge to the future generations, and we believe that we will enable them to live in a country whose development level is high. With the aim of raising youth who will serve in both national and international areas and who will be experts and make a difference, we are under a compelling but meaningful burden. We pledge to work to supply the need for a qualified work force in the sector of aviation with our graduates. We formed our academic staff, curriculum, course content and extracurricular activities with this in mind.

In the department of Aviation Management within the Faculty of Business Administration, management candidates who have the ability to find a place for themselves in professional business life are being educated. In this field, we provide our students with the support of institutions and companies prominent in the field of aviation, and the experience of international educational institutions by using our connections. In addition to a theoretical knowledge infrastructure, we place emphasis on the subject of university-industry collaboration for gaining experience on the professional and practical applications of business life which we call “Integrated Education”. We supply our students with apprenticeship opportunities each summer, during their four year education process.Our students will be educated in analytical thinking, focusing on problem solving, having the characteristics of management and leadership and having a high intellectual capacity and they will be gifted in using the information that can be obtained very easily in today’s conditions to solve the intricate problems of the real world. Our students can find jobs in the areas of aviation agencies and airport managements, public corporations and universities; consultancy, supervision, accounting companies, and international corporations (ICAO, IATA, Eurocontrol, EASA, FAA etc.)

The program of the Aviation Management, being the starting point of a successful career, enables one to work in not only the aviation sector but also in all the sectors due to the basic management education given in the department. In that sense, we aim to raise more competitive professionals compared to general management departments. In addition to this, we give the chance to get another bachelor’s degree by completing a double major and getting a minor in the other departments of our university.

Our department will be a unique choice for applicants in terms of its management education preferred by both the aviation sector and other sectors. Our department is the first and only one in Turkey to accept students to the department by TM-1 score. Alongside giving all lessons in English, we support the language abilities of our students through Professional English Courses. We encourage our students to complete at least one semester of education abroad. The multicultural environment in our university contributes to our students’ better understanding of the world.

I hope that you’ll join our family and invite you to share in our excitement

Head of the Department of Aviation Management