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The Center of Air Traffic Management Research and Application, being the first center in Turkey founded as a research center in the area of ‘Air Traffic Management,’ will compensate for the academic gap and will give solutions for the traffic problem. It will include the instruction hours of course programs and training practices of UTAA’s Aviation Management Department, Logistics Management Department, Industrial Engineering Department, and YAGEM’s programs and faculties. Also, it will both raise the synergy among the department/academics/students with various scientific organizations (seminars, symposiums, workshops, brain-storming, conferences etc.), internet activities (websites, blogs etc.) and periodical publications (peer-reviewed journals, bulletins etc.) and contribute (initially to the UTAA’s courses in related faculties, institutions, vocational schools of higher education) by acting as a platform for scientific works on traffic management.

The Aims of the Center of Air Traffic Management Research and Application:

-Developing interdisciplinary projects with universities is made possible by the departments supported by the local and international corporations such as The Ministry of Transportation, The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, TÜBİTAK, The Ministry of the European Union, Security General Directorate, Development Agencies, TRT, EU, WB, UN and eases the application of works in this field.

– Paving the way for UTAA’s collaboration with all public and private corporations and organizations and academic institutions acting in different parts of traffic.
– Enabling the reality of making a project and finding a project partner by collaborating technically with public and private institutions.
– Making the university more academically prominent in the academic, political and social environment by increasing the scientific activities of the university.
– Supporting the Vocational School of Higher Education, undergraduate education and postgraduate education of the university and contributing to the certificate programs.
– Raising the academic competence of the students and developing their collaboration skills and talents in working together.